NPLF is non-partisan and does not endorse specific candidates. Our aim is to serve as an information resource for all candidates.


Thank you for your kind contribution. If you would like to discuss funding of a specific purpose within our mission, please contact Sallie Horky at  or 402-423-4951 


NPLF Student Scholarship Program – Donate Today!
The Nebraska Public Leadership Foundation (NPLF) is creating a scholarship program for high school seniors who are pursuing higher education to become a teacher in a Nebraska public school system.  In thousands of classrooms across Nebraska, teachers lead our students to discover new and important facts and ideas, the steppingstones that shape their future.  NPLF supports the students who want to give to the overall mission of success for every student in Nebraska.  Please consider helping today's student leaders become tomorrow's education leaders by donating to the NPLF Student Scholarship Program! 





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